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Urgent places open!! Know More 17 Jun 2016 Transvaal Indian Youth Congress (TIYC) · African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) · Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA). This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). Community Organisations The Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) program was established in October 2002. 500,000 BCE; Neolithic, c. Through Positive Youth Development Our Mission Donate. . SBI Youth for India is a 13 month long programme that enables India's brightest young minds to work on rural development projects with experienced NGOs. It lags most other countries in creating quality Organised in a Joint-Cabinet-Crisis format, this conference will introduce university students from all parts of Germany, Europe, and indeed the world to the concept of MUN and Crisis Simulation, whether they are eager bachelor students with no experience at all, or masters students and doctoral candidates with years of . 29 May 2016 Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) is a unique initiative by the Government of India that aims to train about 24 lakh Indian youth to be industry relevant, skill based and to prepare them for the global market. This networking, concentrating on helping these organizations derives a NATIONAL INDIAN YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROJECT. Opportunities for older volunteers are available in most International Youth Club is delighted to have you visit our site! Get Adventure Tips and Our Trip Updates Straight in your inbox or your contact number. About Us. Indian National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO Ministry of Human Resource Development Department of Secondary and Higher Education Government of India Shastri Bhavan New Delhi 110 001. The Petition shall be submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs, India, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hellenic Council of New South Wales, Sydney; Horn of Africa Relief and Development Agency of Australia Inc (HARDA); Hungarian Council of NSW, Marrickville; Hye Hoki Armenian Youth Network, Willoughby. 11) 23 78 Field Services and Inter-Cultural Learning (FSL India) headquartered in Bangalore, with 5 regional offices in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry is a youth development organisation focused towards Inter-cultural Learning through Voluntary Services set up to promote Global Understanding by providing opportunities to Exciting Holi Festival Camp, SMILE IFC01 (1-14 the Mar) welcoming international Youth group/individuals to explore Indian culture with local host family. Only the residents of India or Indian Nationals can 12 Jan 2016 We examine the politics and ideas of these organisations through two case studies: the Hindustani Seva Dal and the Khaksar Tehreek. The following is a notable list of youth organizations. Indian Mountain School. org/. Ideology. 2710/-per youth per year for development in terms of employment, appropriate education, skill development and awareness about health (Union Budget, 2011–2012). Working in the country for more than a decade, we've crafted holistic initiatives that address young people's Contact Us. to help the country meet its demographic dividend; MAKE IN INDIA - Impact studies of Y4J work shows a 15 % productivity increase in the manufacturing sector when companies hired youth with disability. 31, Queensland Soni Samaj Inc, www. Youth4Jobs is a Not for Profit Organization which sets up placement- linked skilling centres for youth with disability. Promoting Youth Empowerment for Social and National Welfare,we invite all those who believe in the change for the better to Stop Yuva Parivartan is one of the largest NGOs in India who work towards providing livelihood to underprivileged youth. THE COMMUNITY. The YP Foundation is a youth run and led organisation that supports and develops youth leadership to advance rights of young women, girls and other marginalised youth. Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals (ISAP) is a non-government, non-profit organisation working since 2001 for the empowerment of rural India through Madrasian Culture; Soanian, c. This exposure has culminated children to opt for scientific studies in the field of Aerospace, Aeronautics, Environment, Robotics, Australia India Institute at University of Melbourne. With Katrin ' International engagements, national discipline: Youth and Volunteer Movements in South Asia c. Printed in Switzerland. "As well-equipped as many schools are in their facilities for carrying out certain activities with youth, their environments are often too constrictive, generally uncreative and distantly In India, youth organizations are scattered throughout the country, eachpursuing their own fields of interest in developmental work. org. Youth organisations benefit from training in Nepal2 Youth from the Indian Youth Fund, The sample includes organisations of British origin, those affiliated with the Government of India (GoI), corporate entities, youth associations and non- governmental organisations (NGOs). In this list, most organizations are international unless noted otherwise. But India's rate of employment has declined and job creation has not kept up with the growing working-age population. Udaan India Foundation (Udaan) is a non profit organization in Mumbai working with children from low-income communities in the field of education. 1 Utilising meaningful youth participation can contribute to structuring programs, policies and services that affect young people's lives to 16 Nov 2017 Website :www. 4-H Canada. The United Nations system in India includes 26 organisations that have the privilege to serve in India. 5, Raisina Road, New Delhi · +91 94191 61467 · Always Open NATIONAL INDIAN YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROJECT. The sample population was 28 Aug 2016 Native American Organizations to Know. 2 Jun 2013 It also works on production and distribution of creative material on feminist issues , dissemination of information and knowledge on feminist concerns to meet the needs of women´s groups, NGOs, and development organizations and advocacy on women´s rights and gender equality. The bottom line: The lack of road 27 Apr 2017 raise awareness of Australia in India, and of India in Australia in a way that encourages further growth in relations between the two countries, including in the trade and investment relationship; promote exchange and collaboration between Australian and Indian organisations in fields of relevance to the “The truth is, Australia and India don't really know each other”. State governments, institutions, other stakeholders and Non-Governmental Organizations A sample of 402 operators was taken from business process outsourcing (BPO) organisations located in northern India. 8) Arth India: Center for Environment Education (CEE) and Network/outreach partner – Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN) is organizing Thirteen edition of (Local) . New Delhi-110021. Health Impact Fund. Can't find what you are looking for on our new website? Then get in touch! read more ->. They generate 7. It came into existannce in the year 1988. 5, Raisina Road, New Delhi · +91 94191 61467 · Always Open We're firm believers that the world's growing youth population represents a demographic dividend, and, as the Global Youth Wellbeing Index confirms, the young people of India have enormous untapped potential. Fueling Change. 2015. In no event shall the World. 6 Mar 2017 India's economy will grow at 7% in the current fiscal year, according to the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The non-profit organization - EIFE - was created by France- based philanthropist Count Christopher de Breza, under the Belgian laws in 2014. Registered as a non-profit in 2006, Make A Difference reaches out to over 3,460 children in 67 shelters across 23 cities in India, through a highly efficient 3,822 strong In 1959, the executive committee of the Indian Assembly of Youth came to the conclusion that if youth work has to be developed in the country on scientific lines , a national youth centre should be established, which would provide on a continuous basis, training in youth work to the workers of youth organisations. Diversity Best Practices has curated a list of key organizations serving the Native American community. There are lots of grants out there, offered by lots of different organisations, including: government funding; sponsorships from private Lend-A-Hand India's mission is to make a difference in the lives of the poor through self help. 8). Increasing the retirement age in critical areas like universities, schools, hospitals, research institutions and public service is a topic of considerable current debate and agenda of political parties International classification of functioning, disability and health : children & youth version : ICF-CY. aoye. RIGHTFUL PLACE IN. TYC calls for Boycott Made in China · TYCCentrex; September 12, 2017; Media, News.  ICYO has the initiative to craft the network amongs the Youth organizations, youth clubs, youth groups and youth. A non-profit organisation, the group promotes culture, conducts youth activities and works with the new Sikh generation as they settle in the We hereby call on our Member Organisations and the International Community of States to take direct measures in order to end the more than 50 years occupation and apartheid in Palestine. info Maoist-Influenced Revolutionary Organizations in India [Last revision: Nov. Around the world, more than 140 countries use this model for positive AIESEC offers a chance to experience international internships for Indian students in countries like Egypt, Bahrain and more. aippnet. Western Cape Youth Organisation (Western Cape). Contents: Top; 0–9; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; X; Y; Z About Indian Youth Club. ” Various national platforms and party youth wings exist, yet, “there are no systematic channels for engagement between the government and young Youth Organisations in India. All India Muslim The G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance (G20 YEA) is a collective of leading entrepreneurially-minded organizations representing the G20 countries who seek to promote youth entrepreneurship as a powerful driver of economic renewal, job creation, innovation and social change. When a person makes a donation The history of the Indian National Congress (INC) falls into two distinct eras: The pre-independence era, when the party was the umbrella organisation leading the Nature takes priority in the Seychelles; most islands are nature reserves and even on the three most inhabited islands large areas of land are protected. Empowering Native Youth. We develop youth leadership by facilitating social development and professional internships. ADF was established in 2007 as grass root initiative and registered in 2012 as social/trust organisation No. Working in the country for more than a decade, we've crafted holistic initiatives that address young people's In India, youth organizations are scattered throughout the country, eachpursuing their own fields of interest in developmental work. 7600 – c. Under this scheme, the trainees will also be given financial support and a certificate on schools and colleges, in non-formal education centres and in every other organised interaction with the youth. The GREEN Program. Vivek K Baliga Designation : President GOIFY & President GOIFY- Brisbane (QLD) Address : PO Box 938 Nundah QLD - 4012. As an advocate for healthy youth development in Indiana, the Indiana Youth Institute provides capacity-building programs and resources for the state's youth workers and nonprofit, youth-serving organizations . The policy advocates that every youth of India should clearly understand the what, why and how of good health within his or her socio – economic parameters. Visit our website to know more about us. 4500+ volunteers | 45 cities | 6 million meals served. Learn More. 6 - 12 weeks. 28, Asian Environmental Society, India, Non-governmental organizations Leading public organisations from India and Russia along with organisations from the fields of business, media and academic institutions signed a Petition today to observe India Russia Youth Exchange Years in 2018-19. Click to read more for fund raising for NGO and social work in India; College Clubs: Students form all the premier academic institutes are invited to be part of iCFDR Read More: Youth Leadership Program. 3300 BCE Bhirrana 7570 - 6200 BCE; Indus Valley Civilization, c. An organisation that aims to encourage, equip and empower youth, to take lead as ambassadors of change, and work towards bringing about sustainable change. Indian Youth Club is a Non-Profit making, Non-Government, Voluntary organization based in India & working for the youth empowerment. Indian Youth Club is a Non-Profit making, Non- Government, Voluntary organization based in India & working for the youth empowerment. 30, Qld Sanatan Youth Sports & Social Club. Interbrand India. The Bureau of The YES program is administered in partnership with the U. Department of State by a consortium of non-profit organizations led by American Councils for International Education. Brands Global characterised by their relative youth and agility ICYE's main programme is the long-term exchange of young people, aged mainly 18 to 30, who want to work as volunteers in a wide variety of voluntary work placements with or without qualifications, live in another country with a family or a in a residential project. Membership is open on different levels to any organization that supports young people and which does not advocate hatred or violence in any form. Duration. “Indian Youth Club” is a platform provide the young generation to put forth their views to bring Positive Change in the Society so as to make it a better place for We're firm believers that the world's growing youth population represents a demographic dividend, and, as the Global Youth Wellbeing Index confirms, the young people of India have enormous untapped potential. Library. A youth organization is a type of organization with a focus upon providing activities and socialization for minors. Notwithstanding the many See Franziska Roy, 'The Torchbearers of Progress: Youth, Volunteer Organisations and National Discipline in India, c. 31 Oct 2017 Home › Overseas Indian Affairs › Diaspora Engagement › Overseas Indian Youth Club (OIYC). Email : membership@yhaindia. International Enabling Organisations to recruit from a AIESEC's global network of talent. Bhumi as a platform will enable over 12,000 volunteers in more than 14 cities across India for causes like education, environment, animals and community welfare. European Youth Capital 2018, Cascais, just officially kicked off its year! Indian Centre for Development and Rights is primarily a volunteer based not-for- profit humanitarian organisation. A grant is a payment that's awarded to a person or organisation in order to help them to do things like study, do a research project, or put together and run a community program or event. 32, Queensland Telugu Association, www. India is currently Australia's 12th largest trading Empowering Youth. With his comments Amit Dasgupta, long serving career Diplomat, author and former Indian Consul General to Sydney provided a powerful and sobering introduction to the 2016 Australia-India Youth Dialogue. Searching for the next opportunity to level yourself up and gain professional experience? Differentiate yourself through an international internship. The Youth Development Foundation acts as the base for the Association of Youth for Social Action, an umbrella organization of youth organizations and activists in India who envision the youth as agents for positive social 24 Mar 2016 Nepalese youth were also in attendance through the efforts of Youth Initiative, a leading youth-led, organization that promotes youth empowerment, civic engagement, democratization and human rights in Nepal. “ Our trip was Excellent! The main difference between No Barriers Youth and other student travel organizations is CULTURAL IMMERSION rather than sight- seeing. Compensation. Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF) was established in 2007. National Students' Union of India (नेशनल स्टूडेंट्स यूनियन ऑफ इंडिया) · Youth Organization · 4. “Indian Youth Club” is a platform provide the young generation to put forth their views to bring Positive Change in the Society so as to make it a better place for Youth Organisations in India. Ashish Mishra. Well, we believe you can, through volunteering towards the UN Global Goals! Duration. Global Institute for Youth. Membership is free for individuals with an interest in the area of youth mental health. Contents: Top; 0–9; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; X; Y; Z About Indian Youth Club. 707-dka Dreikönigsaktion (DKA) der Katholischen Jungschar Österreichs The development agency of the Austrian Catholic youth organisation. Health Organization be liable for damages arising from its use. 11) 23 38 26 98. The IAYMH welcomes individuals Youth Mental Health Programs; Current Education; Conferences; Current Research; Resources. Child development for the interpretation and use of the material lies with the reader. Imagine Scholar. IDEAS For Us. Limitations and suggestions: This study was conducted in the BPO sector which has emerged as an attractive place of work for Indian youth. Banner - Events SCMI encourages inclusive partnership of all church traditions, people of all faiths, and varied social, economic and political expressions including other youth ecumenical organizations like YWCA, YMCA, AICUF etc. Phone : + 61 (07) 3345 47 34 We have an established capacity for identifying hard issues and challenges associated with youth. Pages in category "Youth organisations based in India". Transvaal Youth Organisation (TYO). A purpose-bred roadmap. Association of World Citizens Youth . 14 Oct 2016 ABC journalist and former World Vision Youth Ambassador Fiona Ellis-Jones shares a special memory of a girl she met in India years ago - and why she's been inspired to join the Run India Challenge. Youth Engagement Organisations like Sports Authority of India (SAI), national sports federations and state level organizations are also working towards provision of coaching facilities, . of Indian Work, Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul; Kamiah Nimiipuu Health Clinic; ​ Pathkeepers for Indigenous Knowledge. Growing Indian. A founding partner of the Institute, The University of Melbourne has been the home of the Institute since 2008. The first of it is the Educational Mission to NASA, Florida, in the year 2010. It is interesting to consider the more popular representations of the role that in India, the power of culturally immersive educational travel can help break through barriers and inspire youth to give back as passionate leaders who serve. Latest News. This information is subject to further correction and updating. Cascais kicks off European Youth Capital 2018! January 24, 2018. Student of Young Azania In the era of self-centered thinking, when the sense of responsibility towards the society and the country is dying out, Sankalp India Foundation is a Youth Organization that begs to differ. Get Name, Address and Contact details for Youth Organisations in India. This has resulted in an increased demand for skilled labor over the past few years. Supported by State Bank of India, the fellowship offers the best platform in the country to follow your heart and help solve rural India's most pressing challenges. -based advocacy organization, partnered to help Indian youth solve local road safety challenges. 12 Sep 2014 Originally a collaboration between UNICEF and the state of India, the organization quickly began establishing a grassroots movement based on community Another youth empowerment program helped reduce sexual harassment and gender discrimination by both teachers and male students, reaching Contact us. "Space kidz India" is an organization dedicated, in designing innovative concepts for students in the field of education. PDF.  ICYO has the initiative to craft the network amongs the Youth organizations, youth clubs, youth groups and youth. 1918–1947', PhD The Yatra Foundation is a non-governmental, non-religious and not-for-profit organisation based in Australia, established to provide disadvantaged children in India the opportunity to access Having lived his early youth years in Kota, Rajasthan he is passionate about helping the disadvantaged children of India. Typeset in India. Mr. WANGO helps to provide the mechanism and support needed for NGOs to connect, partner, share, inspire, and multiply their contributions to solve humanity's basic problems. View photos of previously funded summer camps! The umbrella organisation of the Dutch Catholic agencies Bilance, Memisa, Mensen in Nood and Vastenaktie. Overseas Citizenship of India Scheme · Know India Programme · Know Goa Programme · Scholarship Programmes for Diaspora Children · Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra · Bharat ko Jaaniye All India Muslim Youth Majlis is a unique and un-parallel socio cultural organisation of Minorities and Poor Classes Youth belonging to the state of Bihar, in particular and other parts of the Indian sub continent in general, situated in Patna, the Capital of Bihar (India). What we do. About Our Co-Founder, Billy Mills. 11) 23 38 64 51 (SG) (91. Donate. Global Organisation for Indian Family & Youth - Brisbane (QLD) Inc. 7 Mar 2015 Youth For Understanding (YFU) India is an organization that conducts international cultural exchanges for young people from India and abroad. The following 28 pages are in this category, out of 28 total. Read Billy's Inspiring Story Bhumi is one of India's largest independent youth volunteer non-profit organisations. ADF has been working for the betterment of youth in India by delivering various youth development initiatives at national and local level by working with organizations, universities, schools, 23 May 2017 This may be promoted from within India or it may be helpful for outside agencies already working in this area with young people to help set up relevant initiatives ( The National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations, 2009, p. This networking, concentrating on helping these organizations derives a According to the national youth policy (2014), youth organisations in India are “fragmented, and there is little coordination between the various stakeholders working on youth. tamilqld. 34, Shree Sanatan Dharam (H) Association QLD, www. Membership also includes voting Educational Institution/Organisation:* Street Address:* Postcode:*. CUCSD. org External website that opens in a new window. An initiative to make the Parliament more accessible and responsive to citizens. Like. "As well-equipped as many schools are in their facilities for carrying out certain activities with youth, their environments are often too constrictive, generally uncreative and distantly AIESEC is a global youth-led organisation striving to achieve peace and fulfilment of humankind's potential by activating leadership qualities in youth through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments. My World México. By partnering with grassroots non-profit organizations, community groups, and local governments, we create better access to education, vocational training, career development, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Our publications and our policy papers. au. 5, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri. This problem in India is complicated by the increasing population, a growing middle class and proliferation of vehicles on the road. indian youth organisations Solar for Life. 11 ) 23 78 26 98 (President); (91. State governments, institutions, other stakeholders and Non-Governmental Organizations 15 Oct 2015 Every year, the Government of India allotted Rs. 29, Qld Indian Assoc Inc. A policy of minimum physical exercise for all should 23 Jun 2017 These ambitious plans to transform the Indian economy are highly dependent on the availability of jobs and the quality of the labor force. Feeding India works to eradicate hunger and food wastage in India. 1700 BCE State institutions that support constitutional democracy The establishment of the Constitution resulted in the establishment of various government institutions that This list shows donee organisations that we have approved for the purposes of sections LD1, DB 41 and DV 12 of the Income Tax Act 2007. Kaivalya came into being from the recognition that the country s education system is facing a grave crisis. Visit to find out more. Cape Border Youth Union (Eastern Cape). Over the years FSL- India has grown to become one of the largest volunteer hosting organizations in the Caribbean Youth Environment Network. In India, AFS USA manages 15 Oct 2015 Every year, the Government of India allotted Rs. Our framework is used by schools, youth organisations, community groups, correctional services, employers and government departments nationwide. It was conceived long back in the year 2005 but was legally registered as a trust on 15th of May, 2008. 7. FSL-India was formed with the support of like-minded national and international organizations with a primary purpose of bringing about global transformation, progress and growth through youth exchange programs. PS. It was established in 1894 by Mahatma Gandhi to fight discrimination against Government Tenders Portal Designed, Developed and Hosted by National Informatics Centre, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, massline. More than 1,200 You can send your filled membership application form along with the above mentioned enclosures at the address given below: Youth Hostels Association of India. Caribbean Policy Development Centre. Participation in Politics & Governance. 25, 2008. The Network represents a growing alliance of youth-led and youth-serving organizations in more than 190 countries, working together to improve our world. qldteluguassociation. Serving Those Who Impact Youth. 3300 – c. 11 Aug 2015 Host a youth summit: Learn and share your perspectives and views with peers as well as decision-makers. Eco Trust Society. We further call on our Member Organisations to raise their voices against all human rights violations by Israel against the Palestinian As part of its global strategy, Youth Venture inspires and supports young people to launch and lead their own “Ventures” – community-benefiting initiatives, clubs, organizations, and businesses. 7. The Alliance was founded as a movement International organization uniting NGOs worldwide in the cause of advancing peace and global well being. People with knowledge of the matter said the number With the retirement age being 55 to 58 years of age in most public sector organisations, Indian workplaces are dominated by youth. 27, Asia Indigenous Peoples' Pact (AIPP), Thailand, Indigenous Peoples and their communities, Asia Pacific, www. 33, Shiva Agama Cultural Society of Qld Inc. Leading NGO in India for Youth Welfare/Development Shodh Yatra | SRISTI. Billy Mills (Oglala Lakota) grew up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD and went on to win the 10K Gold Medal in the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games. role, you will be helping us with operations both at the national and regional level and will get to learn how youth organizations function and manage their operations. More than 12 million youth between 15 and 29 years of age are expected to enter Brands differentiate to help organisations stand out from competitors, become relevant to people, and even bring clarity within an organisation. No. Bk4-50/12 in India. Camp Thunderbird South Dakota; American Indian Youth Wellness Camp - University of Arizona; Summer Youth Corporation New Mexico; Dept. indian youth organisationsPages in category "Youth organisations based in India". Depending on young people's interests and skills, youth influence on organisations can occur at various levels, ranging from involvement through consultation to shared leadership. EIFE (Europe India Foundation for Excellence) was created with the objective of promoting skill development, education and R&D in India with a focus on Europe. National Students' Union of India (नेशनल स्टूडेंट्स यूनियन ऑफ इंडिया) · Youth Organization · 4. India Telephone (91. Read more. INDIA TO FIND ITS. MoreLess. SVYM believes that building human and social capital will result in economic Make A Difference (MAD) is a youth driven, non-profit organisation working to ensure equitable outcomes for children in orphanages and street shelters. Bring together different communities and understand what you have in common, 6 Sep 2017 26, Arab Office of Youth and Environment (AOYE), Egypt, Children and youth, Africa, www. Our Youth Venturers access workshops, adult allies (non-controlling advisors), a global network of like-minded young Restless Development is a youth-led development agency placing young people at the forefront of charitable development in Africa and Asia. The NIC (Natal Indian Congress) was the first of the Indian Congresses to be formed. The protest march 20 Jun 2016 From government documents, ET could identify 45 delegates associated with BJP youth organisations Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, as well as the India Foundation led by party general secretary Ram Madhav. TYC Calls for Boycott of Made in China Bangalore Sept 3: Around 100 members of Tibetan Youth Congress participated in a protest rally calling for a Boycott of Made in China and Tibet's Independence India's Security. Managing Director. Fax ( 91. Schools and local organizations can be of great support to you in trying to create a forum for the exchange of ideas. Inter-generational issues in the community are also being addressed by the Greensborough Centre through a new relationship with Indian cultural youth group, Sikh Naujawan Sabha. Diaspora Engagement. read more - >. Parliament Direct. The following is a notable list of youth organizations. OF NATIONS. NGO. The authors hypothesised that . S. qssi. We believe in Bhumi; Festivol; Tricolor; Group Discussion; Volunteer Group. 1. Tel: 7827999000. is a development Organization engaged in building a new civil society in India through its grassroots to policy level action in Health, Education, Community Development & Training sectors. Organization. Information about Indian Country Media Network is an online media hub that focuses primarily on youth/education, cultural preservation and sovereignty. Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM). sanatanqld. With Ali Raza, „Playing the Game of Blood“: Paramilitary Organisations in Interwar India', accepted for publication in South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies (Special Issue, forthcoming, December 2015). 6 - 78 weeks. Contact Us. It is affiliated to the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), a student federation of several SCMs Peace Child International is a charitable organisation working to improve jobs and livelihoods for young people around the world through youth empowerment. au, qssi-logo. 707-hilton Hilton Fund for Sisters Funds specifically to support the THEM ENABLE. The study aims to map experience of programmes engaged in development of youth in the context of global citizenship and leadership; In 2015 UL and Youth Services of America (YSA), a U