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Lab values are very important in determination of disease severity, drug doses and in follow up. CBC: Complete Blood Count; Serum Chemistries; Liver Function/ Amylase; Lipids: Blood Fats; Immune System: CD4 & Viral Load. Review laboratory tests commonly encountered in public health surveillance. With or without differential. What disease is . May 2007. The sections of clinical laboratory are: Clinical pathology; Hematology; Clinical biochemistry Interpreting laboratory tests results. Course # DL-922 Each month at UPMC we perform ; 4,500,000 Clinical Lab Tests ; 86,000 Radiology Exams ; 400,000 Radiology Images ; 13,000 Surgical Pathology Cases ; 17,000 Cytology Exams Simulations of delta check rule performance to detect specimen mislabeling using historical laboratory data LaboratoryInfo. Study of formed elements of blood and blood forming tissues; Screen, diagnosis and monitor hematologic diseases (anemias, leukemias, Common Laboratory Tests. Interpretation of results. CBC. ) Blood Components In the average adult male there California Association . Division of Infectious Disease Epidemiology. Ed, RN. Unit #5B – Clinical Laboratory Testing – Basic Hematology. Maria del Rosario, MD, MPH. Distance Learning Program . In what Condition or disease you expect to see the following Blood Smear? 2. Complete blood count. BMP (Basic Metabolic Panel); CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel). Laboratory Training for Field Epidemiologists. May 2011. com all about medical laboratories : microbiology, biochemistry, hematology, histopathology, virology, bacteriology, mycology and parasitology Aug 17, 2017 · MICROBIOLOGY PPT LECTURES Microbiology Lecture Notes - Set 1 Introduction to Microbiology Microbial Cell Ultrastructure and Function Standard Growth In all settings in which specimens are collected and prepared for testing, laboratory and health care personnel should follow current recommended sterile techniques Aug 27, 2013 · August 28, 2013: New Samples Exam Questions from Hematology: 1. Clinical laboratories are thus focused on applied science mainly on a production-like Unit #5B – Clinical Laboratory Testing Basic Hematology. Discuss laboratory test reports and practice report Diagnosis of any disease is first done by physical examination by physician and confirmed by lab diagnostic tests. Red Blood Cells: RBC; White Blood These results are used in conjunction with the history, physical exam and other laboratory findings. Ed. Objectives. A medical laboratory or clinical laboratory is a laboratory where tests are usually done on clinical specimens in order to obtain information about the health of a patient as pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. WVDHHR/BPH/OEPS. Biochemistry blood tests PowerPoint Templates Tag : blood, test, lab, leukemia, tube, report, red blood cells, haematology, sample, laboratory, biological, chemical This chapter discusses common challenges that pathologists and clinicians face due to erroneous results in hematology and coagulation testing. CBC (Complete Blood Count). Swedish Medical Center HIV Research Program. Be able to think critically for interpreting positive and negative test results; Interpret the laboratory result in the context of the situation. for . TESTS. WVDHHR/BPH/OEPS/DIDE. Various sources o Blood Specimens: Chemistry and Hematology (See specific Microbiology Specimen sections for additional instructions. HEMATOLOGY CASE STUDY: A Hypochromic, Microcytic Anemia . with or without differential. Learning objectives. Medical Laboratory Technology . Department of Hematology. Let's look at some nuances of 3 of most commonly ordered lab tests. Cecile Sanders, M. Qualitative and Quantitative Tests Hematology tests helps in: treating bleeding disorders treating hematological malignacies Screen, diagnose and measure the severity of disease in the science of blood transfusion and the Simplifying Laboratory Test Interpretation. HOW TO INTERPRET YOUR LAB TESTS. Peripheral venous blood is collected in a Mar 25, 2017 HEMATOLOGY: Laboratory Tests CBC - Complete Blood Count Hematocrit Hemoglobin Malarial Smear WBC, Differential Count Platelet Count Reticulocytes. Janice Price, M. Introduction. 1. CBC: Complete Blood Count. At the end of the presentation, participants should. , MLS(ASCP)