Sep 7, 2017 The attack on the company represents one of the largest risks to personally sensitive information in recent years, and is the third major cybersecurity threat for the agency since 2015. 5 million additional U. As many as 143 million customers may have had their names, social security numbers and credit card numbers stolen in a cyberattack earlier this year. 's massive data breach is proving costly. 2 million client records in Britain were compromised in the massive cyber attack it disclosed last month, including sensitive information affecting nearly 700000 consumers. S. And so, probably, have you. N) was alerted in March to the software security vulnerability that led to hackers obtaining personal information of more than 140 million Americans Sep 06, 2017 · The personal details of up to 143 million US consumers were potentially accessed by hackers between mid-May and July, credit reporting agency Equifax said What is a cyber attack? Recent examples show disturbing trends From virtual bank heists to semi-open attacks from nation-states, this year has been rough on IT security. The Equifax hack has put nearly 700,000 UK consumers at risk. If identity thieves wanted to hit one place to grab all the Nov 10, 2017 Equifax has suffered a new intrusion — into its profitability. Consumer Reports has advice about what you can do to protect yourself. The cyber attack let hackers steal social security numbers and other personal Latest news on cybersecurity including online standards, hacking awareness, and increasing digital defense. consumers. 5 million of the records breached, which Oct 11, 2017 US credit monitoring firm Equifax says far higher number of British customers were affected than previously thought. Criminal hackers got access to names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and driver Equifax Inc. Sep 06, 2017 · Cyber breach at Equifax could affect 143M U. Oct 11, 2017 Credit reporting agency Equifax said on Tuesday that 15. Equifax collects and aggregates information on over 800 million individual consumers and more than 88 million Equifax Inc (EFX. The US-based company said 14. Revenue also took a big hit. Oct 2, 2017 Equifax, the credit reporting company where hackers accessed personal details of tens of millions of Americans, has defended waiting to disclose the attack by saying it feared “copycat” raids — but the claim was immediately disputed by cyber security experts. Oct 2, 2017 U. Credit monitoring company Equifax has been hit by a hack. The company is . The company made the assertion in prepared Oct 10, 2017 Getty. consumers may have been impacted by a cyber attack at the company last month. N) said on Tuesday that 15. Equifax company has now revealed it believes 693,665 UK customers are at risk Sep 06, 2017 · Criminals gained access to certain files in the company’s system from mid-May to July, according to an investigation by Equifax. is a consumer credit reporting agency. Oct 10, 2017 Credit reporting agency Equifax Inc (EFX. Costs relating to the consumer credit reporting agency's major cyberattack helped knock earnings down 27 percent in the third quarter from a year earlier. Equifax, based in Atlanta, is a particularly tempting target for hackers. The cyberattack, which took place in May but only came to light in September, exposed 143 million people to the risk of identity theft, mostly in the US. And the likely biggest expenses — including a long list of Nov 9, 2017 Equifax Inc. credit reporting firm Equifax Inc said about 2. Equifax says a data breach may have put information from 143 million consumers at risk